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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does this work?

The Flat Belly Formula is a unique combination of ingredients that work together in order to do 4 main things:

Suppress appetite, kickstart the metabolism, lower blood pressure, and make losing belly fat feel effortless.  

Each individual ingredient plays a unique role in this process.  

With this formula, you never have to starve yourself or suffer through another diet.

It comes in a simple capsule you can take twice a day and enjoy with a glass of water.

Does this work for men and women?

Yes! It worked for my wife and for me as well...

Because of how these ingredients work with the body, it’s most effective for people over the age of 40 whose metabolism has slowed down.  

It does work for both men and women the same to rebalance your metabolic hormones so you will not only get the benefit of weight control, you’ll also feel more healthy and energetic.

I’m over 60 years old. Will this still work for me?

Yes, it will absolutely work for you if you’re over 60! This supplement can work for you even after you reach your 70s and even 80s.

You see, the hormonal changes your body goes through at around age 40 continue to degrade your body and your metabolism into old age.  That’s why you see weight gain so often in middle age.

This is what was happening with my wife and myself.  That’s why we created this supplement to kickstart your metabolism, even if it has been slowing down for decades.  

This can work for you no matter your age.

What if I don’t get the same results as you two did? What if my belly doesn’t go away?

I realize that by giving this formula a shot, you are putting your faith in something new.  

That’s why you’re getting 180 days to witness the results for yourself before you make any commitment.  

This way you have absolutely nothing to lose… except for inches off your waistline.

How long will this opportunity be available for?

Because of the high quality ingredients in this formula and the fact that they aren’t easy to come by, there’s a very high chance you can miss out on this exclusive opportunity when we run out.

If you’re seeing this page right now, that means we still have some bottles in stock, however, there’s a very high chance we will run out soon and the next thing you know, there won’t be any left and you missed out on your only chance to make a change in your health and weight loss journey. 

So I highly recommend you jump in on this opportunity before it’s too late.

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